Vulture Forest –
New album: ”Some Things Stay Broken”.

Vulture Forest / ”Some Things Stay Broken” – Microtone Records MTR22

The Danish / Swedish / Slovenian / South African Group Vulture Forest’s second album was released on March 1. 2019.

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”Vulture Forest’s lyrical language and smooth soundscapes are obsessively inner-directed, generating a relaxing introspective spell. In order to absorb the maximum of what this recording has to offer, you got to disconnect from the bustle of the world. The experience can be more energizing than you think.”  – Filipe Freitas/Jazztrail

Their debut album from 2017 was greeted with the words: ”A subtle and breathtaking album…” (translate from Lira Musikmagasin) and “[…] an alluring blend of emotional atmospheres, sometimes leaning toward melancholia while mostly remaining at a level of awing tranquility… ” (Heavy Blog Is Heavy). Two years after the release, it is still in rotation on Danish radio (DR, P8) . Vulture Forest’s second album Some Things Stay Broken from Microtone Records is out on CD, Vinyl and streaming services on March 1 (with a pre-release of the single Simple As Can Be available for streaming on Apple Music from February 15).

The location of the recording studio right up to the North Sea has created a mood in the music ever-changing between the serene and the raw and uncontrolled. Some Things Stay Broken evokes a picture of this constantly changing nature. In the title number, a counter-punctual melody floats around in a circle and like an eerily calm sea one anxiously awaits a resolution that never comes. The tension builds to the long dissonant notes of the free tune Impro # 5 that continue to increase in intensity, becoming shorter, louder and more frequent with the calm after the storm ensuing with Simple As Can Be’s hymn-like melody.

The group has been booked for Vinterjazz in Copenhagen and will also play a number of concerts in Basel and Amsterdam, with the material from Some Things Stay Broken, where CDs and vinyls will be available before the official release. This summer they return to Copenhagen, where they play during the Copenhagen Jazz Festival for the third consecutive year with plans for a major tour that also includes Sweden and Slovenia.

Kristoffer Vejslev (guitar/compositions), James McClure (trumpet), Luka Benčič (bass), Love Ekenberg (drums).

Recorded July 2018 at White Shed, Strandbaden, Sweden. Recording, mixing and mastering by Dan Persson. Album cover: Ursula Blix.

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Press photos (click for larger images). Photos by Dan Persson.

From left: James McClure, Kristoffer Vejslev, Love Ekenberg, Luka Benčič

From left: Love Ekenberg, Kristoffer Vejslev, Luka Benčič, James McClure

From left: Luka Benčič, Kristoffer Vejslev, Love Ekenberg, James McClure

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